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Sarah-Jane reached a near death point many times in her life until she demanded that things change or life was not worth living anymore. After spending years searching for the answers and trying to make sense of the insanity of her life, years of trying to do what was supposed to bring happiness, she reached a breaking point. Surviving chronic disease, mis-diagnosis, labels and mental breakdown, she realized that there had to be more to life than this and if there wasn’t she was not interested anymore.

Through Being the question and asking “what would I like my life to look like?” Her choices took on a life force of their own and the systems and body processes she discovered and created over the past 12 years, created such dramatic change both physically, mentally and how her life began to show up as more ease, joy and abundance that her personal request to the Universe from thereon has been to facilitate change though expanding awareness and Being the change the world requires.

Her degrees and studies in holistic integration of body mind, health, anatomy and physiology, psychK, fascia release, radiesthesia, parama bodytalk, sports performance & rehabilitation and Animal communication, Animaltalk and physiology to name a few, became the creation of the ever changing, ever expanding practices of Access Your True Nature and Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator.

She continues to expand and out create the joy of business and all paradigms of health. She is the invitation to choose a different possibility in your life and that of your animal companions. She offers a nurturing space for all bodies, people, animals and nature to know anything is possible.

Her willingness to ask a different question and “Be” the question allows True Nature to be on the creative edge of dynamic change for herself, her family, clients, animals domestic and wild and the Earth itself.

Her daily question of “what energy, space and consciousness can I be, that will allow something far greater than I could ever imagine possible?” and "How can I assist people to live in their True Nature..." is the contribution she is.

Sarah-Jane offers facilitation around the world, in every facet of life, living and the world, as a health practitioner, curing the incurable and as a motivational speaker on all things conscious – body, kids, chronic disease, addiction, infertility, pregnancy and beyond as well as sports specialties and thriving entrepreneurship. She teaches Access The Bars, Foundation and level 1, Animal Communications and Bodywork, body and energetic facelift- beyond Botox and Magic – you Be it! To name a few. Her bi- weekly talk radio show on Other Worlds Tomorrow in SA and Namibia and guest speaker on many local radio shows in South Africa, spreads the seeds of consciousness and inspires people to achieve beyond what they ever thought possible. Her target is empowering people to know what they know and facilitating all sentient beings and the Earth itself.

Her biography and Conscious Kids books will be available early 2013 she continues to keep asking "what else is possible?"

She truly is the change the world requires, is Now the time for you to step into your potency?

What contribution can she be to more ease, joy and glory in your life and living today? What fun can you have creating more abundance in your life and letting go of all the limitations now? What if the only person powerful enough from having it all is you? Would you like to change all that now and step into the gift and contribution you truly be?

What if it is easy, fun and the best investment you could make, yes because you are worth it? What if you call right now and discover who you truly BE? Sarah-Jane would love to gift you that and remind you that you know and have just forgotten that you know.
Ending the Weight of Judgement:
Value $125
You will receive the 4 keys to begin enjoying a lighter life and unlock the limitations that are weighing your sweet body down. In this MP3, we will bring up the energy that is locking the disease, discomfort, extra weight, and other things into your body the way it currently is, and clear it out so something different can begin to show up. You'll learn the secrets to changing anything in or on your body .

Are you fighting against your body constantly judging it as not enough? By applying these easy, pragmatic tools and processes from Access Consciousness™ you will begin to change all the limiting beliefs and habits you have made solid and locked up in your body, so that you can have a body you love, and to create your body the way it would like to look.

  • How to change and love your body image What if your body had the ability to change anything easily and effortlessly, you've just been going about it the hard way?

  • How to be best friends with your body Do you fight with your body? Or are you in communion with it? So let me ask you this: Last time you fought with anybody, did it make them want to do what you wanted them to do? Or did it make them want to do just the opposite?

  • How to bust the myths about exercise versus movement What if, when your body hears you say exercise it thinks you are going to leave it and hangs on to everything it has? Have you noticed what you resist, persists?

  • How to change your languaging with your body and eliminate dis-ease showing up now and in the future like body fat, heart disease, diabetes and more ! What if your body follows the mind as delivers to you physically, everything that you have made a judgable offence against it?
Conscious Eating

You will receive 3 Easy to use fun tools for Conscious
Eating and a happy physical body:
Value $50
This is the invitation to:
  • Lighten up as you “play” with food as an orgasmic homeopathic

  • Communicate with your bodies

  • Create a consciousness around eating. If you were eating more consciously, wouldn't your body be having an easier time of things?

  • How many diets or health programs have you been on that did not work and cost a fortune?

  • Did you know when you are going on a diet your sweet body hears “DIE- IT” and thinks you are going to kill it? Funny and no wonder you eat the house before you “start” dieting as your body knows you are going to eliminate all its choices on what is nurturing for it!

  • How much money have you spent on supplements that have not worked?

  • How many foods have you decided you must include or eliminate from your diet? What kind of results did you get? Did you ever stop and ask your body what it would like?
In this MP3, you will learn some really easy ways to actually KNOW what your body requires and desires using tools from Access Consciousness™ and The True Nature Systems™.
Weight of Judgement class day 1
Value $125
Are you unconsciously abusing your body?
In this MP3 class recording, you will receive easy tools and processes from Access Consciousness™ to
  • Change all the limiting beliefs you have made solid and locked up in your body,
  • Step into having a body you love,
  • Create your body the way it would like to look.
Do you love your body? Or are you in a constant state of judgment every time you look in the mirror?
Are you aware that every time you judge you or your body, it locks that judgment in place, creating more of exactly that which
A Personalized 30 minute skype private session
Value $225
This private tailor made holistic energy medicine session is designed to lighten up you and your unique bodymind, using The True Nature System™.
  • You will receive the MP3 recording of your session to replay at your leisure and unlock your judgments creating imbalance and physical dis-ease.

  • Using your personalized session continuously will work more dynamically to eliminate the faulty belief systems and attitudes locking up your body and your life.

  • It will create a deeper awareness and appreciation for your body as your greatest consciousness facilitator.
A Personalized Bio-signature QEEEB Combination
(Qualitive Environmental Energy Exchange Balance)
Value $175
You will receive
  • A personalized energy frequency bio-signature (QEEEB) specific to weight loss

  • This personalized bio-signature will create change on a cellular level and raise your energetic vibrational frequency.

  • The bio-signature created will be in vibrational resonance with your unique body frequency

  • This will result in optimal health and balance within your bodymind.
Bio geometry is the science of achieving energy balance using shape, color, motion, and sound, to live in harmony with our inner and outer environments.
Night Time Body Clearings
Value $75
You will receive
  • A 60 minute play and sleep MP3 of powerful verbal clearings that will run deep in your sub conscious. These are targeted specifically to

  • Eliminate and eradicate all the insane points of views and addictions locking up your life and your phenomenal body that you do not even know are running.
Lightness of Body Activation
Value $25
You will receive
  • Visualize your phenomenal body anytime play MP3

  • This MP3 is the invitation to step into the joy of embodiment and gratitude of you and your sweet body. You will discover now is the time to

  • Let Go of all that heaviness and excess weight

  • Love your body totally right Now in a way that is way more joy filled and easy than you could imagine possible

What if Lightening Up Your Body and Your Life could be Fun and Easy?

How many times have you told yourself that you need to lose weight and get in shape but never seem to follow through on it? When you think of dieting, do you dread it because you feel deprived and in a constant state of judgment about yourself and food? Do you sign up for the gym and then quit after going for three weeks? Does the ensuing guilt just make matters worse?
Value $25
You will receive
  • verbal clearings and questions to get the clarity and lightness of being you know is easy and possible

  • a gentle, guided expansion to reconnect you to the joy of having a physical body

  • an invitation to be the kindness and lightness of space and relaxation you truly can be.

Thymus Activation
Value $25
You will receive :
An mp3 verbal process to run anytime which will
  • increase your energy levels

  • strengthen your immune function and general well being.
The thymus gland is part of your immune system until you hit puberty, and then it "turns off". It's a vestigial organ. After you've done this process, the thymus gland will start to activate again and support your physical body.

Once the thymus is reactivated, it will begin to handle the viruses and microbes that your body has not been able to handle in the past. The Thymus will start to generate and become stronger. It is the center from which we gain energy. You may find yourself going through a period of what appears to be flu symptoms.The more you use this process, the more awareness you will have of everything as you bypass the electrical component of your reality and moving into the vibrational wavelength of your acoustical being. You will be healthier and have more vitality than ever before as you activate your thymus to support you and your body. This is a process from Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness™

The Clearing Statement™
If you had a Magic Wand that could change anything in your life, would you use it?

It’s wild, it’s wacky and it works! It’s a simple tool that thousands of people around the world use daily to continually create a life of ease, joy and glory.It is basically a keycode that unlocks anything keeping you stuck and changes it. You don't have to cognitively know what it is for it to work.Many modalities clear the limitations built around words. Access Consciousness® clears the energy underneath the words. The Clearing Statement has the capacity to clear the hidden stuff that you aren’t even aware of that is keeping you stuck.

Listening to Sarah-Jane’s hypnotic tracks have not only cleared my thinking, but also helped me fall asleep quickly and deeply. I have found my jeans fit better and I feel in control of my food choices and appetite. It has changed the way I see myself and given me the motivation to keep going – Thank you Sarah-Jane! Yvette du Plessis.

[Since using SJ’s ending the weight of judgement program] I’ve noticed that I’m not so “angry” with myself anymore. If I look in the mirror, I don’t hate what I see. And I really look forward to listening over and over again because I seriously relax and let go when I do. Eloise Thompson.

Listening to the clearings and class replays have made me realise how important it is to be able to visualise myself with a thinner body. This was something that I was not able to do before. A few days after I began playing the mp3’s, I found myself just walking past the chocolate and not tempted to buy any!Jacky Shaw

I have had just 3 private sessions with Sarah-jane after the birth of my child and the overwhelm and post partum depression has all but disappeared! Losing my baby weight has been just ONE of the benefits of my sessions. I am super relaxed, and coping better as a new parent and seeing myself for the first time, in a totally new way! Thank you so much !Sonja Kromhout

I went from suicidal and fibromyalgic my whole life, to being excited to have it all in just 6 months with Sarah-Jane. Her generosity to empower and get me to the place where I realize, I can have it all and change the stuff that was leaving me in despair has been beyond belief. Oh and my skin has cleared up, my body shape changed and the pain has gone both emotional and physically. I am grateful beyond words, thank you !Maureen Barnard

I have been plagued with chronic fatigue and migraines my entire life. Applying the tools and personalized clearings Sarah-Jane gifts to me in my sessions and attending some of the best life changing classes with her has me jumping for joy and – no more headaches. My business has quadrupled in a few weeks and my family love the new, fun ME! I look forward to my life now and know I am beautiful inside and out. Words cannot express how grateful I am.Colleen Faulconbridge

I have been on medication with type 2 diabetes for the past 6 years. My eyesight was deteriorating and my body weight totally out of control. In less than a year, I have lost all my excess weight with gentle yet firm facilitation with SJ and am no longer on any medication. My eyes are getting stronger too and I am a happier person to be around. It has not always been comfortable but I am so happy to have chosen to have sessions with her. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

My dog Shilo has shaking white syndrome and has been on chronic meds for the past 2 years. Not only has her condition improved incredibly but my levels of stress are down and my body in better shape than it has ever been in. SJ’s vast knowledge and skill with all bodies is amazing and her kind, gentle nature has given me so many tools that I no longer feel out of control to assist my dog and myself when things get difficult. I am eternally grateful to know I can call her anytime.Letitia Corvis

Both my kids 5 and 7 years had issues with extra weight and were sick pretty much every second week. They love going to “visit” Sarah-Jane,cos she is so much fun, they are asking their bodies what they need, using simple tools and questions she has given us all and the struggling around meal times has completely changed for the better! I have changed so many fixed points of view around good and bad food and we are actually having fun most of the time! Oh and the whole family are healthier and happier in our bodies and out lives.SunetteBarends

Retail Value of Entire Package: $850
Maximize Your Life Summit
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What if losing weight wasn't about counting calories and getting enough cardio exercise? What if shedding pounds was more about dropping all the heavy judgments you have about you and your body? And what if all that extra weight you carry didn't even belong to you in the first place? Have you ever considered that you might simply be duplicating the body shape and image of those around you? What if you could use your razor-sharp awareness to cut down your weight and sculpt your body with greater ease than you ever imagined possible? What if you could create the best body for you without ever raising your heart rate or changing your diet?!

Access Consciousness™, founded by Gary Douglas, is an ever-changing, ever-evolving set of tools, processes and information that can change anything that's not working for you.

Retail Value of Entire Package: $850
Maximize Your Life Summit
Special Offer Only $97
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Special offer by Sarah-Jane Farrell
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